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Flash Audit, audits custom smart contracts, DApps, NFTs and custom blockchains.

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Flash Audit provides a professional, in-depth, quick and easy to understand smart contract security audit. We perform in-depth and penetrating static, manual, automated and intelligent analysis of the smart contract. We can audit custom smart contracts, DApps, NFTs and custom blockchains.

Flash Token Smart Contract Audit

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What is smart contract auditing?

A smart contract audit is a thorough, methodical review and analysis of smart contract code.

This process is conducted to discover errors, issues and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to suggest improvements and ways to fix them.

Where is the audit published?

Generally, the audit is published publicly on our github platform and/or to ensure transparency and trust. You can publish the audit result wherever you want.

How do you carry out the audit?

We perform a manual review of contracts line by line, the review process is extensive and thorough.

See our audit methodology to learn more.

Do you provide audit reassessment?

We provide an audit reassessment after fixing the recommended vulnerabilities. We can provide additional assessments with discounted rates if required.

What other services do you offer?

Along with smart contract audits, we also provide smart contract development/testing and project evaluation.

We also provide:


Marketing & Graphics

Listing on an Exchange (CEX)

Blockchain Creation

Creation of Nft

How much does the smart contract audit cost?

Our audits are thorough but affordable. Our pricing depends on the urgency of the audit and the complexity of your contract. Typically, the smart contract audit starts from $399. You can pay with €, ETH, BNB, BUSD, BTC USDT, etc.

What is Flash Technologies?

Flash Technologies is the name of the company that represents several services: Flash Token, Flash transfer, Flash recharge, Flash Audit…